4 Steps to Mental and Physical Freedom

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The Brain Body Connection

It is so simple to get stuck in a downward cycle of self-doubt.

You set our expectations high, aim for the top, and when the results are not exactly what you expected, you start to think you did something wrong.

It was your fault and you are the failure.

The mental stress that you carry throughout the day is stored in your tissues. The brain and the body are not mutually exclusive, they are partners. A healthy mind combined with a healthy body creates an empowered life of wellness.

As a doctor of physical therapy, I see the results of mental stress exposing itself in physical pain daily. Far too often, low back pain is the symptom of excessive stress stored in the body as inflammation. This inflammation wreaks havoc on nerve structures, connective tissues, and the way the brain communicates with the body.

As the problem compounds, the physical pain becomes its own source of mental and emotional stress, increasing the physical pain is a vicious cycle. The brain and the body are a cohesive unit that flow together through the communication channels designed by the nervous system.

Physical and Mental Freedom

The brief, “I can’t, that hurts my back,” Is the very first step in a slippery slope of tearing away your freedom of mind and body.

The Warrior way is the way of freedom. Freedom of mental and physical suffering.

To achieve this freedom, you must start at the base of the Physical Freedom Pyramid, start with healing the mind, body, and its communication device, the nervous system.

By beginning with the nervous system, focused on the breath and down regulation, you can eliminate the inflammation created by the mental and emotional stress.

As you gain confidence, developing an understanding of tissue and joint health, strength, and conditioning will empower you take accountability for your health and wellness.

The Warrior way is wellness in mind, body, and spirit.

My colleague, Anders Varner, has published an article discussing the healing process in search of physical and mental freedom.

The path starts with wanting to be your best self, not perfect, but showing up truly caring about your self-development.

This article is mandatory ready for connecting and healing the mind and body.

Click Here to read the full article.

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