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The Lionheart Radio crew sits down with Dr. Theresa Larson to discuss her battle with Bulimia, how she persevered into recovery, and what she is doing now to inspire others to not live in fear. Among other topics, the crew also discusses:

• Numerous eating/health disorders, including fitness addiction (yes it exists);
• Using the triangle of mind, body and spirit to create a balanced and healthy life;
• The power of meditation or prayer in your daily life;
• How living in the present leads to a happier and more fulfilled life;
• Assessing your current life position and asking yourself “why am I working?” and to remember what you are working for;
• Why it is important to wake up the majority of days and be excited about the work your are doing;
• The benefits of creating monthly reflections; and
• Her new 8 week digital program to relieve lower back pain through strengthening.


#31 Embracing your inner warrior with Dr. Theresa Larson

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