Lower Back Exercises for Pain Relief Using Stretches

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In Life and in the Joints

Publishing a book, owning a physical therapy company, and starting a new business in the online rehabilitation space with The Low Back Fix allows me to draw comparisons to life, business, and the body.

Flexibility is the ability to change or shift directions quickly. The focus on your ability to stretch out of a current comfort zone. My physical therapy practice allowed me the flexibility to create online course, write a book, and explore options for my professional growth.

Stability, is your current comfort zone, where there is not much shifting or changing. The stability of my physical therapy practice makes it challenging to move on because of the financial stability it provides my family.

There is an internal struggle of dreaming big, pushing myself, and being pulled back into my stable PT practice.

There is a never-ending balance between growth, risk, and the safety of life.

A Universal Principle

In my physical therapy practice, this balance shows itself in the form of physical pain in the joints and tissues.

Every joint in your body has an optimal range of motion. This optimal range means the joint flexes, extends, and rotates for it to behealthy and pain free.

Tissues surrounding a joint are too flexible, you will feel pain because you are unable to stabilize the joint.

If the tissues lack flexibility, the joints will not be able to reach the end of these optimal ranges.

There is a constant balance in life, and in the human body, of flexibility and stability.

Coach Anders, head coach at The Low Back Fix, takes a deep dive into flexibility, stability, and joint health.

Being aware of the constant battle between flexibility and stability allows you to connect with how you feel professionally, mentally, and physically.

To learn more about the relationship of flexibility and stability, CLICK HERE.

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