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Dr. T regularly speaks on topics relating to wellness for athletes, teams, military and veteran organizations, and companies. The topics relate to both her personal and professional experiences and center on the following:
• The importance of proper movement, including how to move well
• Seeking personal growth while struggling with a mental illness or eating disorder
• Important steps and discipline in developing and maintaining a positive body image
• Gaining the mental edge in your life: How to use meditation and breath to help you cope or perform
For more information on having her speak to your organization, contact her directly.
For media inquiries, contact Suzanne Wickham at Harper Collins ([email protected]).

Recent Media Appearances

Clever Talks – She did not let her disorder stop her from being a warrior

Dr. T shares her story with Clever Talks. Clever Talks™ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that features empowering speakers making a difference in the world to benefit military millennials. Mission Statement: Our mission is to improve lives through ideas. Founded ...
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Dr. T on Eagle Nation Podcast

Theresa Larson is a woman with many titles and one inspiring story. She's played college and professional softball, served as a US Marine, and is now a doctor of physical therapy in San Diego. In her recent memoir, Warrior, Theresa ...
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The Movement Fix Episode 27

On episode 27 of The Movement Fix Podcast, I am joined by Theresa Larson, DPT, CSCS. Theresa is a physical therapist, movement coach, author, member of the Mobility WOD staff, previously an All-American D1 softball player, former Lieutenant in the ...
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40+ Fitness

Check out Theresa's interview on 40+ Fitness I couldn’t imagine a better guest on the episode going live on the day the US celebrates independence than a woman who served in Iraq helping us stay free and safe, Theresa Larsen ...
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Real Strength Matters: Becoming a Warrior

Check out Dr. T's interview with Real Strength Matters ...
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Dr. T featured on

Check out Dr. T. on ...
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Dr. T on with Jason Ackerman ...
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back pain exercise treatment Plan

Dr. T in the NY Post

Check out the NY Post's article on Dr. Theresa Larson ...
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Dr. T on Operation American Dream Episode #3

Check out Dr. T's appearance on Operation American Dream. Published May 9, 2016 ...
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Women in Combat Roles

Dr. T discusses the topic of Women in Combat Roles on the CW6 ...
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Other Media

NPR Seattle

Listen and read along as I discuss eating disorders in the military.

NPR Seattle

SanDiego 6-Working with Veterans with Invisible and Visible Wounds

Watch as I discuss my physical therapy practice on SanDiego 6 as well as the importance of marrying strength conditioning and medicine.

Watch as I discuss the causes of text neck and how to relieve that pain.

Watch as I discuss how to find calm in the am and pm through breathing.

Watch as I discuss the similarities of yoga and weight training.

Watch as I discuss how to relieve lower back pain.

Watch as I discuss Eating Disorder Awareness Week and the importance of seeking proper support.

CW Logo 2015






The Quiet Warrior – Unfiltered:

“You wouldn’t think of a tall, blonde, socially friendly, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Marine Corps Engineer Officer, Veteran, small business owner, former professional softball player, and professional movement and mobility speaker as a “quiet warrior,” but Dr. Theresa Larson insists she builds her inner warrior through being still and quiet.”

Read more of Dr. T’s interview with Lalo Tactical

LALO Tactical







Harder to Kill Podcast

Listen as Dr. T discusses finding your inner warrior. 

Listen as Dr. T discusses the value of letting go.

Harder to Kill Radio









The Trauma Therapist Project

Listen as Dr. T discusses shares her experience with trauma and resilience

The Trauma Therapist Project
The Trauma Therapist Project








Break Parallel

Break parallel shares Dr. T’s memoir, Warrior. View it here. 





San Diego Magazine

Read Dr. Theresa’s feature on her latest memoir, Warrior. 

San Diego Magazine


Ruthless Compassion with Dr. Marcia Sirota

Listen to Dr. T’s latest podcast with Dr. Sirota on how to be empowered in life.


Fearless Rebel Radio with Summer Innanen

Listen to Dr. T’s podcast with Summer Innanen on finding the warrior within.

Summer Innanen








Listen as Dr. T shares her struggle with an eating disorder.






Mark Larson Podcast

Listen as Dr. T discusses inner strength. 

James Talks Podcast

Listen as Dr. T discusses wellness, grief and finding our inner warrior.

James Talks

Doc and Jock Podcast

Listen as Dr. T discusses the release of her new book, Warrior.

Doc and Jock

Military Mondays

Listen as Dr. T as she discusses the release of her new book, Warrior.

Military Mondays







DanEvans Podcast

Listen as Dr. T discusses being an entrepreneur and veteran.

DanEvans Podcast


KUSI News San Diego

Listen as Dr. T discusses her book Warrior, and her specific role overseas in the USMC.

Kusi News



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