Barbell Shrugged Knee Fix

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Our knees are the biggest joints in our bodies, and they are super important because they provide stability. Knee pain and injuries are usually a result of bad habits associated with foot, ankle and hip movement. In this episode, we cover knee problem symptoms such as sciatica, knee clicking, behind the knee pain, knee overextension, and more.

“You can never go wrong with building more stability or balance in the joints.” — Dr. Theresa Larson


  • Don’t sit for too long — When you sit down, you’re not activating your glutes, which results in weak glutes, which leads to bad mechanics. Squeezing your glutes while sitting is possible, but it’s not comfortable or intuitive, and strong glutes are important for good movement mechanics. If your day consists of a lot of sitting time, make sure you’re stand up often and go on walks.
  • You need good form even when you are walking — Walking with your feet turned out (a.k.a. duck footing), causes bad hip and knee positions and movement. Even worse, running with bad form, such as heel striking, causes even harsher damage on the body.
  • Don’t wear cushy shoes — Shoes with thick, cushy soles are not good for your health. Ideally, wear minimal, flat shoes, so you can use your foot and leg muscles correctly.
  • Don’t wear heels too often — If you are a woman who wears heels often, (for example: to work), make sure you are switching to flat often. Spending a lot of time in heels, causes unwanted toe dominance and bad ankle flexion mobility, which means you won’t be able to squat well.
  • Slow down your training — Have you ever done a 90 second squat? Yup, 90 seconds. Slow down your training to focus on stability, that will help with your longevity.

“The gym doesn’t need to be this place where we go kick our own ass, every single day, as hard as we possibly can. We can create this balance in our life, where some days we slow down a little bit, some days we are going to lift and try to PR.” — Anders Varner

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