Dr. Theresa Larson


There's a warrior in all of us. I'm living proof.

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A message from Dr. T

I'd like to share with you a project I am working on. It's called the Warrior Movement, and it's built on positivity, resiliency, and something called post traumatic growth.

What's your definition of a warrior? To me it means someone who has developed the capacity to face and be strengthened by the adversities in their lives, particularly if they have the courage to ask for help. I started this project for 2 reasons:

1. I am writing a book to help people re-define what it means to be a warrior, and to help them recognize their own strength and resiliency. I hope my story, my struggles, and my journey to overcome those struggles will inspire someone.

2. I am asking for your stories of resilience, and what you feel has made you a warrior. The hope is to share and promote these stories to help those millions of others who still need inspiration. No matter how long or short, please send me your story!

Everyone knows somebody who could use some inspiration, positivity, and resilience in their life! Studies show that 75% of those who have been through trauma are able to express resilience and post traumatic growth. Those who grow after trauma do so because of their ability to ask for help, engage with people who build them up, and get involved in sharing their own story. Let's build a source of hope, resilience, and positivity. Let's turn that 75% into 100%! It costs nothing!

Here's what I ask of you. Share this message with others, and follow this Warrior Movement through my facebook page.

Please Share With Others!